Grundfos Industrial In-Line Pumps

Grundfos Industrial In-Line Pumps are for applications of Boiler / Cooling & Thermal / Washing & Cleaning / Water Supply / Water & Wastewater Treatment / Fire Protection / Pressure Boosting.

Ther are multiple products that can classified as In Line Pump for above application _
- CR/CRE: Multi-stage pressure boosting pumps in a variety of construction materials. Can be applied to almost every Industrial application.
- CRE Plus: A simplex water pump system that varies motor output according to demand.
- CR-H, CRN-H, CRE-H, CRNE-H: Highly efficient multi-stage centrifugal pump for ANSI pumping solutions.
- CRN: High-pressure water pump range suitable for Industrial applications demanding reliable and cost-efficient supply.
- PACO VL / VLS: Vertical in-line water pump available in multiple construction materials engineered to increase efficiency and reduce radial loads.
- PACO VSM/VSMS: Vertical space miser pumping solution featuring compact footprint and simplified installation.
- Peerless PV: Peerless in-line centrifugal water pumps designed for Industrial pumping solution applications in medium-duty service.
- TP/TPE: Single-stage in-line centrifugal water pumps available in cast-iron or bronze construction materials.
- VLC/VLSC: Vertical in-line water pumping solutions with integrated VFD and control. Available in multiple construction materials

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Products Category of Grundfos Industrial In-Line Pumps